pull yourself together garry

(this is my first time drawing anything for this game and it’s guro haha h)

since my scanner still doesnt work, have these crappy oc pics no one asked for

(i have plans for these two but knowing me it probably wont happen)

crappy doodle is crappy, but here you go

luckydoges ==> nattdjur


i changed it because i didn’t really like luckydoges

luckydoges ==> nattdjur

i changed it because i didn’t really like luckydoges

during math lessons i do 10% math, 90% doodles

Kiss Art Challenge


Give me a pairing and a number and I’ll draw them kissing.

(don’t know if this is already out there, but I suddenly felt like doing it)

  1. on the forehead
  2. on the nose
  3. on the cheek
  4. on the eyelids
  5. on the ear
  6. on the lips (cute)
  7. on the lips (passionate)
  8. on the chin
  9. on the neck
  10. on the shoulder
  11. on the back
  12. on the hand
  13. on the foot
  14. on the leg
  15. on the chest/torso
  16. on the butt

a sheep

(they are transparent, if you want to use you must credit + ask me first :P)

don’t put that in your butt

(i still have to play lamento but konoe is such a cutie so here’s a very quick sketch)

she’s my fav